Outdoor Activities, Retreats, Workshops,

We looked and many different regions before we settled for the "Tuscany of France".  We love the rolling countryside of vineyards, woods, fields of sunflowers and wheat, dotted with picturesque little villages and chateaux and ever-changing skies.  The wonderful thing about Maison la Busaneth is that you only have to walk out of the house to enjoy all of this beauty.  You can walk for hours discovering new trails right behind our house.  You can hop on your bike to go to the market in Sainte Foy le Grand, have lunch in Saussignac or Duras, bike to Soumensac for the Sunday Marche de Gourmand, go for a day of meditation and contemplation at Thich Nhat Hanh's Buddhist retreat center at Plum Village.....the options are end any time of the year, the surrounding countryside is perfect for cycling, long walks, painting en plein air, photography and much more. France's most beautiful Golf Course, https://vigiers.com/fr/golf-bergerac-dordogne.html, is 15 minutes away from us.  We are in the process of documenting bike, walking and hiking routes we have found most enjoyable and will have them available at the house as well as on the website. In the shoulder-seasons, Spring and Autumn, the rental time is flexible (minimum 3 nights). 

In addition to the main house Maison La Busaneth has a pool house, probably an old barn at one point, next to the pool.  This place can be used for workshops, yoga, meditation or any kind of activity you would like to do with a small group.  For more information please contact us